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Meet The Team

Manochitra is a Master of Business Information Systems student at Monash University. She holds 3 years of corporate experience in IT as a Customer service executive and Software Developer. She has actively participated in extracurricular activities like dancing, swimming, fitness activities, Toastmasters and has hosted various social and corporate events. She is a result-driven, adaptable and creative individual who believes that we grow every day with every new experience.
Her passion is to contribute to the community, help, support to make a difference made her take up the role of President of the CD Council for International Students. Her responsibilities include planning of social and corporate events aimed to provide an opportunity for international students to navigate their #StudyWorkLive journey with confidence and skills required to excel in the Australian community. She will also be pursuing various industrial sponsors to fund the events, analyse the event trends and generate reports. 



Tanzim is a Bangaldeshi National currently pursuing his Master of Business Information System at Monash University. He is calculative, goal-oriented and overall a social person. He has been part of the Young Economist Forum back in Bangladesh organizing events such as competitions for economics students and skill workshops. This year, he has taken up the role of Treasurer for CD Council of International Student.



Gayathri is an innately curious graduate student originally from India. While she is currently pursuing her new-found interest in Marketing and Management, she is keen on keeping in touch with her creative side, a lifelong passion that led her to completing an undergrad in Design. As part of the CD Events Australia team, she is responsible for keeping our community of international students engaged through the conceptualisation and production of online and print campaigns for our events.


Creative Director

Parampreet is an International Students pursuing his passion in Master of Electronics Engineering in La Trobe University. He loves to eat and talk and talking landed him in the Sales and Marketing Division of CD Council for International Students. He is currently spearheading the Sales sector for the council and hopes to make a lasting change in the lives of International Students.


Sales and Marketing Manager

Vedant is an accounting and finance student, an ardent sports lover and a public speaker. Vedant became a member of the CD Council family with the objective to facilitate corporate integration and cultural diversification. As a marketing officer, he will be accountable for communication and liaising with the third party sponsors and as well working collaboratively with the team on the development of demand generation campaigns.


Sales and Marketing Officer

Diksha is a Marketing and Management student, an avid Cassandra Clare and Harry Potter fan and a budding creative. Diksha has been recruited as the Student Manager this year for the newly formed International Students Council for Carpe Diem Events Australia. The overall aim of the CD Council is to identify the issues and difficulties faced by the International Students Community in Australia and formulate sound strategies to effectively resolve those issues. Diksha will be responsible for establishing and fostering meaningful relationships with international students, service partners and the wider community. In addition, Diksha will act as an enthusiastic platform between international students and businesses that cater to the needs of international students to develop, promote and deliver meaningful outcomes that continuously encourage personal and professional growth.


Student Engagement Officer

Natasha is a Hong Kong girl in love with life and its challenges. She is extremely motivated to develop her skills and grow professionally. She is currently pursuing her Master of Marketing Communications in the University of Melbourne. She will be working as our Social Media Guru in order to promote engagement of students from different cultural backgrounds and encourage cultural exchange. She will take care of the social media accounts and is excited to engage with you online. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay tuned with us. Let’s begin our #StudyWorkLive journey in Australia!


Social Media Manager

Darshan is a Master of Management (Marketing) student at the University of Melbourne. Being passionate about marketing, Darshan is a highly dynamic person and loves to learn new skills. He has handled various roles in the field of Public Relations as well as Brand Activation and Social Media and aspires to be an avid marketer. His insatiable need to constantly up skill is what makes him different. As a content developer, he is all set to create wonders at the Carpe Diem's Council for International Students and make the words speak equally strong as his actions.


Content Developer

Abdul is a young Kenyan national currently pursuing my MBA at Kaplan Business School. He has an ever growing passion for photography and video production since he used to dabble in art and painting at a young age. He enjoys creating immersive content and creating memorable experiences for both his personal and professional life. He is able to not only create content but also the managerial aspect of creating work plans, liaising with other stakeholders and beating deadlines. He is also currently training Muay Thai and cycling to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



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